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Resources » An “Accepted” Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution

One of the big topics in our industry today is getting more acceptance with your IVR solution. An “accepted” IVR solution is one that is accepted not only by your callers, but also by your business. If you can marry the two, then you have a solution that is “accepted”.

There are two sides to the coin of acceptance for an IVR solution. You have your customers on one side and your business on the other. Getting acceptance from your customers depends on how well your solution is designed and how easy it is for your callers to use. Typical caller frustrations include not being able to reach an agent very easily and having to press five or six options to get to what they need due to deeply nested menus. Those frustrations are just a couple of the major ones we see in customers.

From the business perspective, frustrations can vary widely. They can stem from trying to achieve consensus on a solution among multiple distributed sites. Frustrations can arise between your technology side and your business side when the technology side may want to do things in one efficient-minded way that is different from what is going to be best for the business. Those are the two main frustrations that come up from the business perspective, and those are the two issues that you have to resolve when you are trying to get acceptance of your IVR solution.

If you are struggling with acceptance today, the best thing to do is to get an impartial expert who knows what they are doing into your organization to take a hard look at your solution and give you some recommendations and answers for why you might be experiencing a lack of acceptance.

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