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Resources » Biggest Customer Complaints About IVR

One of the biggest complaints that we hear customers talk about is difficulty in using the IVR to complete their task. Perhaps there are too many menus to go through to figure out what they need to do. Customers also complain when they cannot easily get to a representative when they know they cannot do what they need to do without talking to a person. Another big complaint, and one of my personal pet peeves, is when the IVR prompts you for information, you give it, and then you end up having to go to an agent who asks you for the same information again. Those are the top three complaints that we hear all the time in this industry.

When we first started our business in this industry back in the ‘90s, it was a big win for a business to move to a self-service solution because they were coming from a phone bank environment of call center agents handling any sort of customer inquiry over the phone. As calls centers have gone away over the years, solutions have evolved quite a bit not only from the perspective of technology, but also from a customer perspective. Customers have evolved, and there are generations now that have never known a time when there was not an automated system. The expectations are different among callers today from those of callers in the ‘90s. People sometimes used to be pleasantly surprised, thinking, “This is a neat, new thing for me to use.” Now, the majority of callers expect a certain level of self-service to be available to them when they call. There are still callers who want to talk to people, and I do not know if that will ever change. They expect the IVR to offer self-service and do it well. What that tells us is that you have to get your design correct up front. If you do not, the costs of getting it wrong are too high.

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