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There are three major benefits of consolidating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) across multiple regions:
  1. Standard user experience - A standard user experience can go a long way in ensuring that training, even outside of the IVR, can be attained across multiple call contact centers.
  2. Easier changes in the future - The challenges of deploying a change go down significantly if you are dealing with a standard solution.
  1. Easier data collection and reporting - Aggregating all of the data you capture and reporting it become a lot easier. You are able to look at all the metrics of standard reporting and drive improvement from the data.

You get to a more standardized approach by taking a step back, looking at the entire business model and seeing where you can apply the standardization. Typically, you cannot apply standardization across the board. You will be unsuccessful. You need to examine the business model and offer standardization where it makes the most sense.

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