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The resolution rate within the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a question on our customer's minds when it comes to their established IVR solution. They often want to improve it because the more callers they satisfy in the IVR, the more savings and value they get from it, which increases their return on investment. The difficulty is often that improving resolution rate is customer dependent. The ability to improve resolution rates is often associated with the functions customers are trying to perform. If the functions are too complicated, for example, there will be a lower resolution rate.

Typically, we like to look at what functions our customers are trying to automate and examine some industry metrics that tell what you can expect, percentage-wise, from use of those particular functions. Often, you will have a function stacked upon another function, stacked upon another function. Consider, for example, that first function yields an 80 percent resolution rate, and then the second function also yields 80 percent. This means you get 80 percent resolution the first time, and then you are going to get 80 percent of that 80 percent, and next, 80 percent of that 80 percent. Suddenly, your resolution rate goes down. What we typically like to do is evaluate those functions and look at where you can get the biggest bang for your buck from the functions that you want to offer.

Any reputable IVR solution will do the job. They can all offer menus. They can all access back-end host systems and provide callers with information. If you are struggling with low resolution rates, it is a little bit more complicated. Low resolution rates require a little bit more expertise in order to understand what your IVR solution is trying to do and what sort of features and functions you are trying to use. Our experience tells us about the typical percentage you can expect to successfully complete a given transaction. To evaluate those features, functions and transactions for our customers, we bring our industry knowledge to the table and we say, for instance, “On X transaction you can expect 80 percent resolution, and from Y transaction you can expect 60 percent.” You should try to focus on those functions that are the best to automate and that enable you to achieve the best resolution rate.

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