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What we have frequently come across in this industry is that a number of our customers seek to increase call retention rate within their Interactive Voice Response (IVR). By call retention, I mean for a caller to be able to do everything they need to do within the IVR and not speak to a live person. There is always a challenge in achieving call retention as well as balancing a good customer self-service experience because the initial solution is to try to hem in callers or make sure that they stay within the IVR by making it difficult to get to a live person. Typically, what we recommend is to try to find a good balance between trying to keep them in the IVR and connecting them to a live person.

How you treat your customers with regard to allowing them to get to an agent is highly dependent on what your business is and what function you are trying to offer them via self-service. In general, it is not a best practice to try to hem in your callers because there are callers who do not want to speak to a machine. There are always going to be people like my grandparents and my parents who do not want to speak to a machine. If you make it hard for them to get to an agent, by the time they get there they are usually frustrated. They can become angry, and that is never a good experience for a caller.

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