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Average call time is a huge issue for any customer. The longer a call goes, the more it costs in dollars. It is as simple as that. At ASA Solutions, we look first at your prompts, assuming that everything is optimized on your network and that there are no slowdowns that could potentially be impacting call time. The way your prompts are worded or the number of prompts you are asking could add time. If you have prompts that are worded in such a way that they confuse or are not quite clear to the caller, they may have to repeat, and repeating can add time to the call. The other area that we will look at is your back-end transactions. If you are doing five transactions and you only need to do three, those two additional transactions can have a huge impact on your call duration as well.

Having the best, latest and greatest Interactive Voice Response technology is not going to reduce your average call time. Customers hire ASA because we bring the best practices with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, and we do what it takes to reduce your call time.

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