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Resources » Poor ROI On Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We talk to a significant number of companies every year that do not feel like they are getting an acceptable ROI out of the IVR dollars they have spent. Typically, what we have found is that low ROI results from one or more of three things. The most common cause is poor planning and design on the initial IVR solution. Often, it is a solution that is 10 to 15 years old. The second issue causing poor ROI is that the solution was not built for today’s best practices. Maybe it was initially built for best practices at the time, but those may not apply today. The third issue is that some solutions were designed with a siloed approach for an environment that does not exist in the industry today.

Customers come to ASA Solutions for more than just a drop-in IVR implementation. They come to us because ASA does a thorough evaluation. We take both the business and the customer experience into account when we are designing a solution. We have great design experience and have worked in the industry for nearly two decades. We have a “do what it takes” attitude to ensure that our customers achieve their desired ROI.

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