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Thinking strategically and not operationally is the ability to sit back and look at the overall vision of the business model. Some customers get mired down with operational issues and don’t take the time to think strategically. They get stuck in the mechanics of the day-to-day grind of maintaining their call center or contact center, and they do not look at the overall business strategy in terms of what they are trying to accomplish for their customers. The frequent result of that lack of overall vision is a poorly designed IVR application that is hard to maintain, does not meet their needs from a customer service perspective, and overall, is just a poor experience for everybody that is involved.

At ASA Solutions, we really engage the customer. As we get an understanding of their business, we start asking questions that make them think strategically. A lot of times, they will get stuck again in the day-to-day grind, mired down in the operational aspect of their contact center, but we raise questions that force them to think strategically. We take those responses, as well as their understanding of their business, and apply them in a design that ensures that their Interactive Voice Response application is the best that they can put out for their customers.

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