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We know your business depends on satisfied customers. That's why creating solutions that deliver excellent customer experiences is what we do best.

Here's why ASA Solutions is the right choice to handle your company's IVR application project:

Reduce costs, increase satisfaction. We do what it takes to help you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction at the lowest total cost of ownership. We have the resources, both on-shore and off-shore, to quickly and effectively implement your solution, yet still provide you with the individualized customer service and support you expect.

Off-shore vs. On-shore.  We will work with you to determine if off-shoring is the right fit for your needs.  ASA can leverage entirely on-shore resources or a combination of on-shore resources coupled with off-shore fulfillment.  This ensures that we can maximize your ROI while maintaining best-in-class customer service and value.

Solutions that work. Whether starting from scratch or developing from your existing platform, our solutions are designed to pay off. Our meticulous project planning and management skills help take the burden of responsibility off your shoulders -- ensuring you're putting your investment to good use.

Qualified team. Our team's unique combination of experience and expertise in project management, software engineering, and development makes us well-equipped to handle even the most complex projects with massive scalability. We've worked with many Fortune 100 companies, both directly and through our business partners, and can successfully execute any application development project with foolproof reliability, whether starting from scratch or building on your existing platform.

Methodology. Our secure, state-of-the-art development and project management processes are designed to maximize software effectiveness and create the best fit for your business goals. We realize no business is "one size fits all" - our team of software consultants is trained on multiple platforms to ensure you're matched with the right products and vendors for your project. Using our time-tested application development process, we stay with you throughout the project life cycle. Learn more about our Design & Development Methodology here.

Platform-Independent Philosophy. Regardless of your existing platform, ASA Solutions can provide a successful, low-maintenance IVR solution that frees you up to focus on your customers. We are highly successful in supporting and migrating customer IVR applications between platforms. Whether you need integration and support for existing applications or are transitioning entirely to an ASA Solutions-supported platform, we can help.

Support. We provide world-class 24x7 application maintenance and support for both pre-existing and ASA Solutions-developed applications, improving caller satisfaction levels and helping ensure you - and your customers -- get quality, reliable service for years to come.